Just ask yourself, who’s the better human being — students who identify as “furries,” or parents who identify as Republicans?

Source: Photo by Johnny Robish

After a MAGA parent’s unhinged claim at a Michigan school board meeting about “unisex bathrooms” in her child’s school having “litter boxes” in them for kids who identify as “furries” went viral, Meshawn Maddock, the pro-Trump co-chair of Michigan’s Republican Party — immediately smelled pure gold and began promoting this…

Now, it took around 90 years for the Roman Empire to completely fail, but Republicans are trying to do it in just four.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Washington Post reports that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was the “mastermind” behind an effort that resulted in five states using a fake slate of electors in an attempt to submit bogus election certificates to the Electoral College in the 2020 election — and all in plain…

Another case of a solution, searching for a problem.

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In a move voting rights advocates fear would be used to “intimidate voters” if it became law, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a plan to establish a — first of its kind in the US — “special police force” called the “Office of Election Crimes and Security,” to oversee elections…

Just what Florida’s school system needs, a bunch of MAGA meth heads — telling educators ‘they’re doing it all wrong.’

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CBS News reports that Republican state legislators in Florida are considering a bill that would put cameras in classrooms, and force teachers to wear microphones, so parents can monitor the lessons that students are being taught. Republicans defend the move by claiming classrooms are not teachers’ “private space.”

Wait —…

Hell, he’s throwing so many people in jail, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being one of them.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The pro-Trump streaming site Real America’s Voice interviewed MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell this week, who continued pushing his 2020 election fraud conspiracy, arguing that “We have enough evidence to put everybody in prison for life, 300 and some million people. We have that all the way back to November and…

Be a shame to leave any Nazis with hurt feelings. We know how sensitive they are.

Source: Indiana General Assembly

During an Indiana state Senate committee hearing about a proposed bill that would ban “divisive concepts” in school classrooms, Republican Sen. Scott Baldwin said teachers’ lessons about fascism and Nazism need to be “impartial.” Sen. Baldwin, who co-wrote the bill, added that “I have no problem with the education system…

Now, If Canada really wanted to assist the US during this time of crisis, they could start by taking Ted Cruz back!

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Former National Security Council expert and adviser to Donald Trump Fiona Hill, says the international community is extremely fearful about what’s happening in the United States, with the rise of fascism and democracy hanging by a thread. …

Will we soon be getting our weight loss tips from Mike Pompeo?

Source: Twitter

In a recent interview with the New York Post, former Trump Secretary of State, evangelical Christian, and possible 2024 presidential candidate Mike Pompeo — evoked the old “I pulled myself up by the bootstraps” line, by claiming he lost 90 pounds in just six months, by simply making minor changes…

So, now we have Tucker Carlson calling Cruz a liar? My God, I guess that means irony is dead.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

After Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) described the Jan. 6 riot as “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves and viciously mocked Cruz and the idea that the storming of the Capitol was an “insurrection.” …

Mary Cheney says Mike Pence isn’t really a bad guy, he was just tried to hang with the wrong crowd!

Source: Wikimedia Commons

While it is already widely known that Mike Pence’s former Chief of Staff Marc Short has been cooperating with the House January 6th Select Committee, sources close to former Vice President tell the Independent’s US Congressional reporter Andrew Feinberg — that Mike Pence may already be quietly cooperating with the…

Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish is an actor, comedian and political satirist - who is considered one of America’s most trusted sources for fake news.

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