Evangelicals Claim the Mark of the Beast Will Be In Coronavirus Vaccine

Evangelicals Claim the Mark of the Beast Will Be In Coronavirus Vaccine: Polls show Evangelical Christians say they will not get a vaccination to protect them from the coronavirus when one becomes available, because they see the whole coronavirus situation as a Deep State socialist plot, involving Bill Gates, George Soros and Dr. Anthony Fauci — to “gain control of us” through a vaccine that contains “some sort of human tracking device.”

Sure, makes sense to me! Especially, when you consider most of these same folks paid hundreds and hundreds for their smartphones, which have GPS, altimeters, location services, gyroscopes, accelerometers, you name it — not to mention additionally shelling out another $50-$125 a month to hook up to some ubiquitous cellphone network — and all so they can then post conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and Dr Anthony Fauci’s devious plot to use the coronavirus vaccine as a cover to inject them with a chip that can track them.

Brilliant! In fact, this kind of thinking goes way beyond “stable genius.” And, speaking of the “Mark of the Beast,” I wonder if anyone bothered to tell these good Christian folks that their glorious leader Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law’s address happens to be 666 Fifth Avenue? Let that one sink in for a minute Evangelicals. Anyway, one thing’s for sure, this kind of insanity allows the rest of us to fully comprehend exactly why those Founders saw fit to insist upon the “separation of church and state.”