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  • Gary W. Farrar

    Gary W. Farrar

    Born and raised on the high plains of western Kansas. Left just as soon as I possibly could.

  • Russell Salsbury

    Russell Salsbury

    Top writer | Harvard Economics BA | Software Developer | Future | Politics | Forment Revolutions | I will not go quietly.

  • MattOwensRees


    I am a published author on Thai events and how Thais actually live under feudalism. My books are available in eBook and print format. I also publish on Substack

  • Randy Fredlund

    Randy Fredlund

    I Write. Hopefully, you smile. Or maybe think a new thought. Experiences and observations are presented in words and images.

  • Wendy Banks

    Wendy Banks

  • estow76 (Esther)

    estow76 (Esther)

    Am I really this old??? Retired biz owner, love to cook, play MahJongg. Ex-golfer. Married 46+, one son. And now a Top Writer in Humor on Medium. Woohoo!!

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • John Grafman

    John Grafman

    Deftly exploring the worlds of design, cars, music, and culture, from the desert to the sea. A bold mix of the past and what’s coming up around the next corner.

  • Mary Collins

    Mary Collins

    Humor Writer, Healthcare Worker, Spiritual Dabbler

  • Sir Nigels

    Sir Nigels

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