Trump Nominates Insane Conspiracy Theorist for No 3 Defense Dept Job

Trump Nominates Insane Conspiracy Theorist for No 3 Defense Dept Job: President Trump has nominated Anthony Tata for the №3 post at the Defense Department, but it turns out that the retired Army Brigadier General and Fox News commentator has quite an active Twitter account, where he’s been describing President Barack Obama as a “terrorist leader,” with “Islamic roots” who wanted “to help the Iranians and the Islamic State crush Israel, declared former CIA Director John Brennan a traitor who should be executed and called Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi “violent extremists.” And, that’s just the nice things he said.

Gee, this Tony Tata’s a real charmer. Me thinks “Tata is full of caca.” Either that, or he’s just auditioning for a remake of “Dr. Strangelove.” One thing’s for sure, General Tata’s obviously been guzzling down more than his share of that cool, refreshing Trump “Cult 45” Malt Liquor.

And now, our “Dear Leader” wants to give him one of the top positions in the Defense Department? Now, I could perhaps understand if he were up for Mayor of Gotham City, but a high-ranking position in the Defense Department — not so much.

Of course, some citizens may ask, “just how can a madman like Tony Tata even get mentioned for such an important position?” Well, that’s exactly what you get when you’ve elected a former “Bates Motel Manager” as President of the United States.