A conspiracy conference ain’t really over - till the fat Giuliani sings!

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Even though promoters of a two-day pro-Trump MAGA “Western Conservative Action Network” conference boasted they expected over 10,000 participants, only 1000 people actually showed up to hear speakers like headliner Michael Flynn wail about communist ideologies in government and schools, mask mandates, alternative cures for the coronavirus, and election fraud…

Why, that’s an outrage! We deserve organic parasites, not those cheap synthetic ones!

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Popular right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles, Pastor of the Flowing Steams Church and founder of “TruNews,” a website promoting racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, is now warning his many followers that “COVID vaccines contain eggs that hatch into synthetic parasites that grow inside your body.”

Wow, tiny eggs…

This seems the perfect solution for Christians too impatient to wait for God to rapture them up.

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Dismissing those pushing vaccinations as “pagans,” The Federalist’s executive editor and columnist Joy Pullmann recently told readers that Christians should “welcome the cold finality of death from the coronavirus” and “should not seek the safety of the vaccine,” because “Christians should always welcome death in any form.”

Wow, now if…

No problem — cause with Trump folks now running many state elections, they don’t need no sticking voters.

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Freshman congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Georgia Republicans seem to have backed themselves into a corner with their unrelenting claims of election fraud. Greene, who is up for reelection in 2022, was shocked to discover that between 4 and 10% of Republican voters say they will not vote in…

Frankly, you’d think if Lara Trump were to be angry get something, it would be at her husband’s dentist!

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Lara Trump, daughter-in-law and close adviser to former President Donald Trump, has joined the growing list of conservatives who are “deeply concerned” about how superheroes are evolving past a more traditional white, male, heterosexual identity. Much of this controversy began after DC Comics’ new Superman film had Superman’s son “Jon…

Republicans ask ‘how can be a lie, if your constituents believe it?’

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Gina Peddy, the Carroll School District’s executive director of curriculum and instruction in Southlakem, Texas, is under fire for advising teachers to present “opposing” viewpoints if they’re going to provide books teaching their students about the Holocaust. …

Well, those thermostats sure have my vote!

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A new book by Jonathan Karl of ABC News reports that Donald Trump instructed Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to investigate a bizarre conspiracy theory concocted by Trump Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, who claimed Chinese wireless thermostats were used to manipulate voting machines in the 2020 US presidential…

I mean, it isn’t like no other bank on earth would loan him money, so he just appoints his daughter head of a bank .

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The Intercept’s Ryan Grim and Max Ufberg say two sources told them that Donald Trump sought to appoint his daughter Ivanka to head up the World Bank in 2019, but then-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin intervened to block the appointment.

Not surprisingly, Trump supporters were completely outraged by the news, claiming…

Well, I suppose it could be worse. He could blame it all on the Catholics…oh wait!

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New Hampshire Public Radio is reporting that Republican state Rep. Ken Weyler has resigned as chairman of the House Finance Committee, after sharing an anti-Catholic conspiracy-laden “vaccine death report” document,” that claims top Vatican…

Because at Fox News, it’s never too soon to get into the spirit of hate and resentment!

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Even though it’s only October, the crew over at “Fox and Friends” have already kicked off their annual “War on Christmas” indignation series. …

Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish is an actor, comedian and political satirist, who is widely known as one of America’s most trusted sources for fake news.

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